Broadband on Fibre

When speed is all what you need, switch to Zeonet Broadband on Fibre. Optical Fibre technology allows instant connectivity via a central point right to your residences, apartments and corporate offices for an exceptional internet speed. The best part about fibre broadband is that it gives an access to high speed connections and has increased carrying capacity unlike twisted pair conductors or coaxial cable. With the enhanced bandwidth and state-of-the-art technology, fibre connectivity comes at amazing affordable prices.

Join the Zeonet family today to redefine your internet experience with the lightening fast surfing speed.

Wireless Broadbands

Zeonet Wireless

Unlimited, fast and affordable internet can be yours without any fuss. Wireless broadband connectivity gives instant and hassle free internet access to your premises at low prices.

A Zeonet CPE (Customer Premises Equipment) would be provided to you through which wireless signal exudes and reaches to your PC, laptops and smartphones. At present, we are catering many happy customers in various regions of India with our unbeatable broadband plans.

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